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This page gives a brief overview of the numerous other forms of Commercial Finance available to SME business owners. We are able to help in all of these areas.

Unsecured Loans

Loans based on previous and forecast cashflow.

Corporation Tax, VAT, Insurance Premium finance

These loan products can help spread the cost of unexpected Tax bills

Trade Finance

Bank’s tend to provide trade finance to established businesses who have the assets and resources to provide tangible security.

SME businesses tend to have neither the security or track record which Bank’s require. Once again it is necessary for some guidance in this specialist financial area. We have provided funding to a number of SMEs who have a confirmed order, a great product and supplier, but no capital to finance the transaction.

Trade Finance, rather like bridging finance, enables you to make a profit. It can be costly in terms of other facilities and therefore the margins you make must be sufficient to make this a worthwhile facility and transaction for your business.

Professional loans

These are available to a variety of professions including medical, dental, accountancy, veterinarian, legal and architectural. These unsecured loans are typically used for Tax, disbursements funding, PI cover, cashflow and acquisition funding.

Refinance Your Existing Assets

We have access to specialist funder who will look at refinancing existing agreements and or unencumbered assets to repay the existing finance company and replace with a new Finance lease or Hire Purchase agreement.

Typically this is used to raise capital and/or reduce existing monthly repayments.

Short term loans secured against luxury assets

If the business owner has luxury items such as watches, art , antiques etc then short term loans can be raised and secured against these portable assets.

Business cash Advances for Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Retail, Hair & Beauty, Convenience, Garage/MOT

If you have a lease
 in place for next 6-12m if you trade from rented premises and take payment through Merchant Cards we can access finance which can be used to fund stock, refurbishment, new premises, buying equipment, business expansion.

Typically loans can be raised if you take an average of £3,000 per month in credit card sales. No other security is required.

Equity finance/Business angels/EIS

We have contacts with Business Angel Networks and Equity providers where Debt finance is not appropriate.

Pension finance

Pension-led Funding utilises a business owners pension fund to release capital into the business via one of the following:

  • Loan – must be secured by a first charge
  • Intellectual Property asset sale and lease back
  • Commercial Property purchase
  • Unlisted Share Purchase

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