Invoice Finance

This is the generic term for accessing cash from invoiced supplies of goods and services. Rather than wait for your supplier to pay, invoice finance enables you to access this cash now.

We have worked in this sector for many years and have relationships with all the key providers of these services, both bank and independently owned providers. This means we can find the most suitable financier for any type of business selling and producing invoices in the B2B sector.

There are many questions to consider before selecting a provider and the type of product you require. This is where an experienced commercial finance broker is invaluable.


Factoring is a form of invoice finance which can also provide collection services on slow-paying customers, increase working capital and provide protection against bad debt losses.

Invoice Discounting

Like factoring this facility improves working capital and is secured against a Company’s invoices. The main difference is that the Company make their own collections and the facility is confidential.

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