Commercial Debt Mediation

In our constant desire to provide new and innovative services to our clients, GP Commercial Finance have teamed up with AFT Assist Ltd.

AFT specialise in assisting business clients resolve bank debt related issues outside of the insolvency process.

Dealing with what can seem insurmountable debts can take a heavy toll on a business and the personal life of its principals/directors.

AFT can help relieve some of that burden.

The solutions AFT provide can be as simple as negotiating sensible repayment terms, although they frequently include some form of debt reduction, whereby a reduced payment is made as full and final settlement of the debt.

Once a settlement is agreed and the client has met the terms of the agreement, then they will be released from any further liability in relation to the debt in question – without the need to enter into insolvency.

AFT have an excellent track record in delivering a successful outcome for their clients, including many millions of pounds of direct debt reduction savings.

Naturally they can’t promise that it will be possible to achieve an agreed settlement in every case. However they believe in their ability to deliver a successful outcome and, as a result, their fees are success related.

If your business is experiencing bank debt related problems, or has been treated unfairly by a bank, then AFT may be able to help.

Further information about AFT and the services they provide is available by contacting

If you would like to discuss your particular circumstances then please get in touch and we will arrange for an AFT consultant to call you.

All initial consultations are free and without obligation.

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