• Financing the leisure sector

    16th Mar 2017

    Do you have clients in the following sectors? Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Florists, Tattoo parlours, Gift shops, Retail & Convenience, Hair & Beauty, Garage/MOT, Dental & Cosmetic.

  • Why your choice of Accountant matters

    20th Feb 2017

    The finance landscape has changed and continues to change rapidly and therefore finding finance is no longer as simple as calling your local Bank manager.

  • Alternative Finance and Funding Platforms

    7th Feb 2017

    Traditionally a SME business would look to their Bank Manager to help fund all their business’s funding requirements. That relationship has changed with the local Business Bank Manager disappearing for most businesses with sales under £5million per annum.

  • Choosing a Commercial Finance broker

    24th Jan 2017

    A good Commercial Finance Broker will know the details of a lot of alternative lenders – not just the high street names – and they will know the types of enterprise which these lenders are interested in lending to.

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